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At Kaper Marine, we believe in two basic principles: Excellence in Performance and Ethical Certification/Accreditation.

Kaper Marine Has Authorised McMurdo, Kannad, Entel  UK All product. with Train GMDSS product.

Our vision is to bring the world to India and send our people all over the world through one simple mission Attend in Time vessel any port of world .

Our classes have been certified by IRQS. 9001:2008

Our instructors MR. DAGIYA K.K & Mr. DAGIYA N.K have been trained by McMurdo, Kannad & Entel. Expert to Remove malfunction equipment and Installation All Kind of Navigation / GMDSS / GYRO / AUTOPILOT / Automation

Staff trained by us is part of the Kaper Marine family, and is just as capable as an international mariner. working in world wide port attend abroad.

We believe in providing our technician with an international standard-campus in India & world, at economical and cost effective rates.

We have been part of this Merchant Marine Fraternity for 15 years now, and it is time for us to be humbly in its Service.

Mr.Dagiya K.K. +919879793079
Mr.Dagiya N.K  +919687673079

Email : service@kapermarine.com

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